Memorial Day Weekend
May 24-27, 2013

JW Marriott Starr Pass -- Tucson, Arizona


Official Web Site for Spacefest V, the Ultimate Space Show. Astronaut autographs, Space Art Show, Exbibits,G ala Banquet and More

Spacefest V will be held in Tucson, Arizona, May 24 - 27, 2013, at the scenic Starr Pass Resort. Spacefest is THE event for the space enthusiast of any stripe-Pure astronomy; manned exploration; robotic exploration; commercial space, space history. Professional or amateur.


GENERAL ADMISSION ($20 Fri-Sat-Sun, & Mon, or $50/all 4 days) allows you: Entry to the Arizona ballroom, where astronauts, dealers, and the art show are set up. It also allows access to the free talks in the Tucson Ballroom.

ARTISTS, ASTRONAUTS, DEALERS Most of the artists will be present and some will actually be working at the show on small pieces (for sale.) The astronauts , each in their own booth, will have large signs identifying them and their missions. Astronauts' lines may be long or short depending on time of day or popularity. They will autograph photos, (for sale at the photo booth) books, models, globes, etc., bought or brought with you.

Most astronauts will pose or take a photo with you, even chat, if it's not busy. Some request a purchase first; be sure to ask. Late in the day is best, Saturdays, worst.

TALKS & PANELS You can also listen to the free talks in the Tucson Ballroom, or pay $10 ea.for our major talks & panels in the "Big Talks Room" next door. You can also purchase an "all talks pass", which will allow entry to all daytime talks, free. Consult the program book for talk authors, subjects, and times.

THURSDAY, May 23rd, 5:30 PM is our VIP Reception/Art Premiere for astronauts, artists, speakers, staff, and our UNIVERSAL & GALACTIC TICKET HOLDERS. Carter Emmart of the Hayden Planetarium in NYC will give a reprise of his TED presentation, "The Digital Universe." Data from JPL is streamed over the internet for real-time flyovers of Earth, Moon, Mars, etc.

FRIDAY, May 24th, the "conventional" convention begins, with doors to the Exhibit hall (AZ ballroom) open at 8:30 AM, for Universal package holders; 9AM for others. Talks begin at 8:30 AM also in the Tucson ballroom, next door. The Astronaut's Luncheon starts at 11:30 with a Italian food buffet. We'll have talks and panels running into the evening.

UNIVERSAL TICKET HOLDERS will be invited to eat with their chosen astronaut, depending on when purchased and astronaut availability. 5PM-8PM Our Friday Evening lectures featuring Carolyn Porco and Brian Cox will take place in the Tucson Ballroom ($55.)

SATURDAY, May 25th, Same as above, except the luncheon will be for Speakers,(and PREPAID fans.) That evening, We will have the banquet, with keynote speaker, Deep Space Industries' President Rick Tumlinson. Following the banquet will be the star party outside on the lawn. Prior to the banquet will be a cocktail party, and a group shot of the Astronauts.

SUNDAY, May 26th, Sunday Breakfast, Tucson Ballroom, 7:30 AM, Panels begin at 9AM, dealers and art show open 9-5.

MONDAY, May 27th Free talks, . vendors and art show open until early afternoon.

For a more detailed TIMELINE , see "schedule" button.