Spacefest VI, Pasadena, California, May 8 - 11, 2014



(Astronaut Panel - Porco - Chaikin)

This year, we are having a special Thursday evening ticketed event at the elegant Pasadena Civic Auditorium, the centerpiece of the Pasadena Center. Tickets are already part of ALL ticket packages, and are available a la carte, at the Civic's box office, or through Ticketmaster (after 2/1/14.)

The show will begin with our wildly popular panel, the Apollo astronauts panel, whose anecdotes are insightful and often hilarious. The Standing Room Only crowd last year came away with some insider's viewpoints delivered directly from the horses' mouths. Author/historian Andrew Chaikin and Dr. Carolyn Porco will moderate. Questions will be fielded from the audience.

Afterward, Carolyn Porco will present the latest discoveries and stunning images from Saturn, including her Earth-imaging event "The Day The Earth Smiled", and will finish with her views on the greatest legacy of 50+ years of planetary exploration.

The closing segment will feature a stimulating exchange as Dr. Porco fields questions from the audience. This was such a popular segment last year that this year, we're taking it to the big stage!

TICKETS are $45 for this event, a la carte, INCLUDED with Universal, Galactic and Stellar ticket packages.

• Fred Haise
• Jim McDivitt
• Richard Gordon
• Edgar Mitchell
• Alan Bean
• Rick Armstrong (Neil's son)